Craft of Character – Assignment week 4

Instructions Write an active scene (a dinner, a romance, an adventure) from the first person POV of no more than 500 words. Now take the exact same scene and write it again from the omniscient POV, entirely from scratch and without looking at the first version. Submit both scenes, and further, please comment on what… Read More Craft of Character – Assignment week 4


Our Combination Butter Substitute, Face Lotion, Insecticide is 100% Säfe.™

Originally posted on McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies, by MATT BACA Product Use Clarification 1: It turns out that our product is not “100% säfe,” no matter how creative your definition of “safe,” “safety,” or “säfe,™” which is a word we are legally required to inform you we just made up. But what in our crazy world is… Read More Our Combination Butter Substitute, Face Lotion, Insecticide is 100% Säfe.™

Trigger it!

A simply wonderful screenplay on Brexit, politics, civil service and everything around it. By James Graham. Originally posted on The Guardian.   Dramatis Personae Minister for Brexit Male, 40s, Tory MP Permanent Secretary Female, 50s, from the Cabinet Office Dale Special adviser, 30s Erica Special adviser, 30s Whitehall, London, 2016. Night time. The offices of… Read More Trigger it!


‘But if you don’t eat people like others,’ Sophie said, ‘then what do you live on?’ ‘That is a squelching tricky problem around here,’ the BFG answered. ‘in this sloshflunking Giant Country, happy eats like pineapples and pigwinkles is simply.not growing. Nothing is growing except for one extremely icky-poo vegetable. It is called the snozzcumber.’… Read More Snoozcumbers


Salander once found herself in a fight with a much bigger and stronger boy. She was no match for him physically. At first he amused himself shoving her to the ground several times, then he slapped her when she tried to fight back. But nothing did any good; no matter how much stronger he was,… Read More Defenceless


‘ I found your toys,’ Salander said. She held up a riding whip and poked around in the heap of dildos, harness bits, and rubber masks on the floor. ‘What’s this one for?’ She held up a huge anal plug. ‘No, don’t try to speak – I won’t hear what you say. Was this what… Read More Sadist


‘ I can’t forget what happened. But my motives have changed over the years. At first it was probably grief. I wanted to find her and at least have a chance to bury her. It was about getting justice for Harriet.’ ‘In what way has that changed?’ ‘Now it’s more about finding the bastard who… Read More Hobby?


Again I stood riveted to the spot as the crowd around my son drifted to the center of the yard where punishments meant to dissuade onlookers from similar activities were staged. My son called his mother. I heard this above the clatter of 250 plantation slaves. I grabbed the arm of the strongest kin to… Read More Slaves

Censor the love

They realise there’s something missing in their own lives, something they search for but cannot find in this now, now, now generation   “The message of my father’s book is about sincerity in love,” she corrects me. “Loving without expecting anything back. Love for love’s sake.” We study a picture of her standing close to… Read More Censor the love

The Queen

I rewind the tape while it’s playing: another old game of ours. Both of us chipmunk along with the voices. Julia stands, wraps the curtain around her like it’s Dracula’s cloak. She’s got another joint dangling from her lip, lights it as a reverse guitar solo blares. The cherry glows. Smoke rises up and leaves… Read More The Queen